MBW2018 Day 5

#MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 Day 5: A nutritious, savoury breakfast idea from the team at Foxlow RestaurantsRead more

MBW2018 Day 4

#MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 Day 4: Dishoom shares their delicious, healthy date and banana porridge recipeRead more

MBW2018 Day 3

#MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 Day 3: raising awareness of hunger in UK schoolsRead more

MBW2018 Day 2

#MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 Day 2: Tuyo's Mediterranean poached egg specialRead more

MBW2018 Day 1

#MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 Day 1: The Good Egg's Banana and Tahini ToastRead more

Porridge is amazing

Our Nutritionist has seven delicious porridge recipes for you; one for every day of the week!Read more

Four easy breakfasts

Children love to get involved in food preparation. Here are four easy, healthy breakfast recipes for them to tryRead more

Magic Pancake Recipe

Make yourself a healthy, Magic fruit and oat pancake!Read more

Be a Breakfast Role Model

Children learn by example so it is very important that adults sit and eat a healthy breakfast with children in their careRead more

Not for Breakfast

It's up to us to ensure children know what not to eat or drink for breakfastRead more

A Closer Look at Dairy

Dairy should be part of a child's everyday diet, providing essential calcium needed for strong bones, protein & vitaminsRead more

A Natural Tonic

Support your immune system with a reviving glass of orange juice! #MagicBreakfastWeek #DayFiveRead more

Tropical Porridge

Create some winter sun with some warming Tropical Porridge #MagicBreakfastWeek #DayFourRead more

Berry Nice Cereal

We love topping our cereal with fresh berries! #MagicBreakfastWeek #DayThreeRead more

Peachy bagel recipe

Make yourself a quick, healthy and tasty topping for your breakfast bagel #MagicBreakfastWeek #DayTwoRead more

Rainbow Breakfasts

Fruit and vegetables for breakfast bring a highly nutritious, delicious and colourful start to a child's dayRead more

Breakfast boost: oats

Rich in nutrients, with slow-release energy, oats provide a child with an excellent breakfast, especially in Winter!Read more

Breakfast ideas for the school holidays

Fun and healthy breakfast ideas for children during the school holidaysRead more

Not All Sugars Are The Same

Do you know what free sugars are and how much of them a child should be consuming?Read more

A Closer Look at Proteins

Children should consume 2 to 3 servings of protein every dayRead more

Diabetes and Breakfast

What types of breakfast are good for young people with diabetes to eat?Read more

Breakfast drinks

Choosing the right breakfast drink is just as important as having healthy food on your plateRead more

Breakfast as a tool to tackle childhood obesity

Children who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to snack on unhealthy items throughout the day and are less likely to overeat at lunchRead more


A closer look at the food group that provides the human body with its primary source of energyRead more

Portion Size

Not too little; not too much. How much is just right for a child to eat?Read more

Breakfast Boost: Eggs

Eggs are a great way for a child to get a some non-dairy protein at breakfast time and they can be cooked in so many exciting ways!Read more

How To Eat Breakfast Well

Children should eat a healthy breakfast every morning, from at least three of the main food groups, to give them the energy and nutrients they needRead more

Good School Food Teacher Training Resource

Magic Breakfast has contributed to a new, free, training resource to support school staff in delivering a good school food culture.Read more