Why we are needed

As many as 1.8 million school age children are at risk of hunger in the UK Read more

What we do

Magic Breakfast provides nutritious breakfasts to children as fuel for learning and expert support to schools Read more

What does a magic breakfast look like?

We provide schools with low sugar, low salt, low fat, nutritious breakfast food for children. A "magic" breakfast consists of porridge, cereal, specially made protein rich bagels and fresh fruit juice. Read more

The team

Magic Breakfast's head office is in London (this office space is kindly lent to us by Pearson), but our School Partners are located all over England and Scotland so they can be close to the schools they work with. Read more

Impact of Magic Breakfast

Teachers at our partner schools report that pupils who have eaten a nutritious "magic" breakfast have improved concentration, energy, alertness, punctuality, behaviour, social skills, health and educational attainment. Read more

How Magic Breakfast began

Magic Breakfast was founded by Carmel McConnell, MBE, in 2003, but she started buying and delivering breakfasts to five schools in the London borough of Hackney three years previously after hearing from headteachers there that many of their pupils couldn't concentrate until they had had their lunch as they were too hungry. Read more