Ali Roberts, Head of Corporate Partnerships


I am really passionate about unlocking people's potential and strongly believe hunger should not be a barrier to learning for children. I am so proud to be part of an organisation helping to tackle this and every day I feel so inspired by the work we do. 


Liz Little, Partnership Development Lead


I want to live in a country where every child gets the chance to realise their potential. Going to school hungry prevents that for 4 million children every day and moreover undermines the future of our economy. It’s great to be part of the Magic Breakfast team working to find solutions for this now and for the long term.


Kimberley Kotadia, Partnership Development Manager


I love working at Magic Breakfast because I believe that an issue as preventable as hunger shouldn’t stop any child from accessing their education. What we do is incredibly simple, and yet can have far-reaching impact throughout a child’s entire life.


Bea Sayer, Corporate Partnerships Executive


I work at Magic Breakfast because of the sheer number of children who, each day, are turning up to school hungry and who are consequently missing out on their education. Behind these awful statistics are amazing children who shouldn’t have their futures and dreams compromised by hunger, and Magic Breakfast is doing incredible work to ensure that this is not the case.