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What We Do
What We Do

Every school day, we provide free, nutritious breakfast food (bagels, porridge, fresh fruit juice and cereals) to over 22,000 children in more than 460 schools. Why? Because in each one of those schools, many children arrive at school too hungry to learn.

Magic Breakfast is a UK charity (registration number 1102510), dedicated to ensuring every child starts the day with the right breakfast as fuel for learning. Magic Breakfast believes no child's education should suffer for the lack of a breakfast.

‘We had a breakfast club during our SATs and it helped me get higher levels’ – Rashye, Islington

There are many reasons a child may not have breakfast in the morning, financial hardship being the most common. We target schools where over 35% of the children are living in poverty and eligible for Free School Meals (the UK average is 18%).

Through our partnership with schools we make sure we reach the children most in need, the children who are arriving at school without having breakfast or in some cases any food since lunchtime the day before .

‘I used to be very sleepy, but since I’ve been coming to breakfast club I’ve been on the ball’ – Patrice, Hackney

Magic Breakfast doesn’t believe in quick fixes for a larger social problem. We believe in finding long term sustainable solutions that will solve the problem of child hunger at the start of the school day.

That’s why we are developing our school sustainability programme. This is a grassroots social enterprise process empowering schools to self fund as well as run their own breakfast clubs, feeding the many children who arrive at school hungry, independent of external aid.

A hungry child cannot concentrate. We think every child needs a healthy breakfast, ideally at home with their parents. But some parents cannot provide – so let’s not allow any child to miss out on their future success for want of a breakfast. That's why Magic Breakfast reaches into the heart of communities to close the attainment and nutrition gap and give every child the best start to every day.

“Magic Breakfast has meant a safe, happy start to the day for all Kingsmead children that need it. With Magic Breakfast’s help we have been able to make our breakfast club free and therefore accessible to all.” – Louise Nichols, Headteacher, Kingsmead Primary School


1. A child is eligible for a free school meal if their family income is less than £16k per annum
2. Child Poverty Action Group research shows that for 1 in 4 children, school is their only source of hot food.

Figures are correct as at the start of term September 2015.


Partnership Scheme

Magic Breakfast and schools have formed this partnership from a shared commitment to ending the negative impact of child poverty upon well being and readiness for learning in our primary schools.

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Magic Breakfast is registered charity no 1102510 in the UK

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