7 June 2024

People’s Postcode Lottery players continue to support breakfast

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In every class of 30 pupils, an estimated nine are living in poverty.

This means that 3 million children across the UK are at risk of going to school hungry each morning. We know the impact that this has on their learning, their health and their future, which is why we work to deliver breakfasts to thousands of schoolchildren every school day.

I would be falling asleep in class because I hadn’t had any food… Every day I was there on an empty stomach. It really affected my schoolwork… If Magic Breakfast had been around for me then, it would have made such a difference.”

Lola Elijah, Magic Breakfast Volunteer

I know that there are parents who cannot afford to give their children breakfast so it’s important we are here.”

Katarina Whalley, Magic Breakfast Volunteer

We couldn’t do what we do without amazing volunteers, like Lola and Katarina, who give up their time to serve breakfast to the children at their schools.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are directly supporting Magic Breakfast volunteers, staff and supporters as we all work to end child morning hunger. To date, they have raised more than £4 million to fund our work!

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6 June 2024

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