25 October 2023

The key benefits of breakfast

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Written by Magic Breakfast Team

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At Magic Breakfast, we’re proud to have delivered breakfasts across the UK for over 20 years. Our aim is to eliminate child morning hunger, for now and for good.

This briefing outlines some key benefits of breakfast, which include bridging the attainment gap, improving attendance, supporting parents to work, stimulating economic growth, and helping families through the cost of living crisis.

Recommendation: The educational and economic benefits of school breakfast are clear. As we approach the UK General Election, all parties must commit in their manifestos to introduce school breakfasts across England, so that no child is too hungry to learn.

Magic Breakfast Benefits of Breakfast Briefing - Cover Image
Why Breakfast?

A summary of the benefits of breakfast for children and young people and our models.

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  • Published: November 2023

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