5 December 2023

The Big Give 2023

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No Child Too Hungry to Learn

We are the UK’s largest, hunger-focused school breakfast provider. We work with Primary, Secondary, ASL / SEN Schools, and Pupil Referral Units with over 200,000 children and young people at their schools. We aim to end child morning hunger, which has a significant impact on educational attainment.

Campaign Aims

  • Reach as many children as possible. Over 53,000 children and young people attend our London partner schools. At an average of 28p per breakfast, the £150,000 your funding could enable us to raise could provide over 535,000 breakfasts, giving c. 2,700 children a healthy breakfast every school morning
  • Engage children most at risk of hunger. Our staff ensure schools provide breakfast in a stigma-free way and give advice on ‘hidden hunger’. This means no means-testing: children may feel uncomfortable if they feel singled out and 1 in 3 children living in poverty are ineligible for free school meals

now live in poverty. A child struggles to concentrate on an empty stomach. Persistent disadvantaged pupils are 1.7 grades behind their peers in GCSE English and maths.


Magic Breakfast will solve this problem by ensuring a nutritious breakfast is provided to as many pupils at risk of hunger as possible. Our breakfast provision not only fills tummies, but significantly increases educational attainment, addressing inequalities in disadvantaged areas. We are also working to build a movement to push for a long-term solution to child morning hunger, whilst operating efficiently and responsibly with greater internal and external collaboration.

As a PRU the breakfast has a positive impact on all pupils, it means they come in and sit down together to eat, each taking turns to serve / clean up etc. before they start their learning. The format we have also helps the pupils with daily life skills that they may not have experience of at home.”

Magic Breakfast Partner School, London

Campaign Budget

  • £100,840 – Food- nutritious breakfast food meeting school food standards reaching 1000s of children each day.
  • £49,160 – Delivery – weekly or biweekly deliveries to schools, responsive and flexible to schools’ needs.

Understanding the Target

We plan to raise £60,000 through a series of emails and social media campaigns to our individual donor base. This is roughly what we have raised in previous campaigns, so we feel confident we can achieve the target. The remainder of the online target will be raised by appealing to our major donors, trustees, and corporate partners.

A parent with two children in school, including one with SEND, who have been experiencing food poverty has been supported to return to work as a result of breakfast club being available free of charge.”

Magic Breakfast Partner School, London


As well as the fundamental nutritional need, there is a real need to fill empty stomachs in the morning because of the impact hunger can have on a child’s education. According to our 2021/22 academic year measuring and monitoring survey (which had a 78% response rate) 83% of teachers saw an improvement in educational attainment, 95% saw an improvement in concentration in class and 85% saw an improvement in mental and emotional wellbeing.


Every year, all our partner schools are invited to take part in our comprehensive ‘Measuring and Monitoring’ survey, which gives an accurate and up-to-date picture of the impact the Magic Breakfast programme makes. This takes place over the summer term and the data we collect will be presented in an impact report at the end of the funding period. We will also share stories from our Engagement Partners and school staff from their first-hand experiences at Magic Breakfast London Schools.

I come to breakfast club as I like the bagels, I can meet with my friends and have a chat. I also get into school early so I am more organised, and I love the atmosphere.”

Pupil, London

The Big Give 2023

For one week only, your donation will be doubled

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