11 April 2022

Today we’re launching the Magic Breakfast Scotland Spring Policy Briefing Series 2022. This year we’re publishing two briefings which are key to our work in Scotland.

Our first briefing, Integrating Childcare and Breakfast Provision, explores how Magic Breakfast would recommend the Scottish Government’s plan for wraparound childcare in Scotland is implemented. We’ve developed our Two Track model to successfully support childcare while delivering a hunger focus and barrier free breakfast provision.

Our second briefing, Delivering Breakfast, lays out all the models used in the diverse suite of provision options we deliver across the UK. We also explore the leading barriers schools face to delivering breakfast provision, how our expert school partners support schools to overcome them, and what the Scottish Government can do to break them down.

For any enquiries about the Magic Breakfast Scotland Spring Policy Briefing Series 2022 or about the work of Magic Breakfast  in Scotland please contact our Policy Officer (Scotland), Finlay Allmond at [email protected]

Integrating Childcare and Breakfast Provision

Delivering Breakfast