For Dishoom, food is a way of breaking down barriers, and this is at the heart of everything they do - in their restaurants and delivery kitchens, which employ and serve people from all walks of life, at their events, and through charity, donating a meal for every meal served (10 million meals so far). Since 2015 Dishoom has been committed to supporting Magic Breakfast by donating a breakfast to a hungry child for every breakfast served in their restaurants. The money donated all comes from Dishoom, helping to ensure no child arrives at school too hungry to learn

During the coronavirus pandemic, which hit the hospitality industry exceptionally hard, Dishoom remained committed to our partnership by extending their ‘meal for a meal’ commitment to their breakfast meals kits, which they launched during lockdown. They continue to donate a Magic Breakfast for every one of their popular Bacon or Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kits sold, because Dishoom believes that breaking down hunger as a barrier to education is important and urgent. 

In 2019 Dishoom released their first cookbook, ensuring that Magic Breakfast receives a donation for every book sold via Bloomsbury Publishing. 

In 2020 we were thrilled when our partnership was shortlisted for a Third Sector Business Charity Award in the category of ‘Consumer Goods/Food & Beverage’. 

In 2021 we celebrated Dishoom reaching an incredible milestone: providing 10 million meals for hungry children through their partnerships with Magic Breakfast and the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Each year Dishoom closes down one of their flagship sites for a whole morning and welcomes in throngs of Magic Breakfast school children to ‘take over’ the restaurant as they learn about food and nutrition, get a taste of Dishoom’s cultural influences, get messy making breads with the Head Chef, and enjoy a Dishoom breakfast. 

“Magic Breakfast does outstanding work. Hungry children cannot focus or learn. We’re never going to close the inequality gap and provide better opportunities for disadvantaged young people if they don’t even have the basics. 

Shamil Thakrar, Dishoom co-founder, as told to the i newspaper