Emily Wilkie, Director of Fundraising & Development

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? There are thousands of children going to school with empty stomachs. If we don’t do anything, these children will not have the same opportunities as their peers, they will not be able to learn, to concentrate, or to enjoy and get the most out of their school experiences. They’re also really hungry, their little tummies are empty, and they may not have eaten anything since lunch the day before. I don’t know about you, but I find that heartbreaking. The vision of Magic Breakfast is simple; to end hunger as a barrier to learning. The knowledge that I am working towards this vision, alongside some of the most inspiring and dedicated people I have ever met, is all I need to get me out of bed in the morning.

Favourite breakfast: Berries and yoghurt and a side of wholegrain toast topped with almond butter – yummy!

Catherine Mackenzie, Head of Corporate Partnerships

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? Education should be a level playing field for all children. It is unacceptable that something as simple as not having breakfast impacts on a child's education detrimentally. We can help children to fulfil their potential by making sure that they are not too hungry to learn. I personally find it heartbreaking that children all over the country, but also in my local schools, are going without the fuel they need to learn. Magic Breakfast's intervention is simple but effective - and we know it works.

Favourite breakfast: On a weekend, a Mexican-themed breakfast is my favourite! Tortilla, eggs, spicy beans, salsa and avocado. Otherwise, I go for porridge or muesli. 

Shafiya Shah, Corporate Partnerships Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast?  How can I not want to contribute to the work of Magic Breakfast – that’s more the question.  It is both heart-breaking and unbelievable that children in our communities, at our doorsteps are not being able to maximise their right to an education for simply being too hungry to learn.  Nothing more.  The impact of something as basic as a nutritious breakfast on their little minds and in their bellies can’t be overestimated, studies have shown this.  What Magic Breakfast does is straight forward, but the difference it has on children is far reaching; it gives them the fuel they need to learn, concentrate and grow.  Removing hunger as a barrier to education is a vision that I want to play my part in achieving.

Favourite breakfast: Poached eggs on sour dough with a sprinkling of parsley, sometimes with a tiny bit of salmon on the side if feeling extra indulgent.

Laura Colgan, Corporate Partnerships Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I'm a hangry monster on the rare occasion I skip a meal, so it's heart-wrenching and frankly unbelievable that so many children in the UK are starting their day with an empty tummy. I strongly believe that every child deserves an equal start in life, and a nutritious breakfast for all is the vital first step needed to make this a reality. I am proud to be part of the palpable change that Magic Breakfast is bringing about, and as a massive foodie I also feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with such a fabulous bunch of restaurants and corporate partners who are helping to make a real difference.

Favourite breakfast: Marmite on wholegrain toast with scrambled eggs, black pepper and a good coffee.

Jenna Durdle, Corporate Partnerships Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? From helping out as a cook at a charity in Brighton to volunteering in a centre for disadvantaged children in Ecuador, I’ve seen the impact that food poverty has on people’s lives. Across the UK, thousands of children are going to school too hungry to learn, and that just isn’t acceptable. I hope that by being part of the Magic Breakfast team I can play a small part in changing that.  

Favourite breakfast: On a weekday I have granary toast with peanut butter (crunchy) and marmite (yes – both!), with a strong cup of tea. As a weekend treat, it’s got to be a pain au chocolat from my local bakery.

Chloe Campbell, Corporate Partnerships Executive

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? No child should turn up for school and be so hungry they can’t concentrate. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t learn, and this will no doubt have a detrimental impact on their opportunities in the long run. The work Magic Breakfast does has such an incredible, tangible impact on children’s wellbeing and education and I’m so pleased I get to be part of a charity that changes children’s lives for the better. 

Favourite breakfast: Crepes with maple syrup and a massive cup of tea.

Bea Sayer, New Business Executive

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? The sheer number of children who, each day, are turning up to school hungry and who are consequently missing out on their education. Behind these awful statistics are amazing children who shouldn’t have their futures and dreams compromised by hunger, and Magic Breakfast is doing incredible work to ensure that this is not the case.

Favourite breakfast: Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and if I’m feeling particularly hungry a slice of American cheese!

Liz Little, New Business Manager (maternity cover)

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast?: Hunger is a daily reality for a growing number of children in our country. And evidence shows that their rumbling tummies prevent them having the same chance as their peers to fulfil their potential in school and in life. It’s unconscionable that this should be happening at all, let alone at such scale. Ending hunger as a barrier to learning is an attainable goal. So I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with our corporate partners, colleagues at Magic Breakfast and in our school community, to unlock the opportunities these children deserve as well as the long term economic benefit for wider society which results from this investment.

Favourite breakfast: Poached eggs with avocado, a couple of slices of sourdough toast on the side and a nice cup of tea.

Alice Chamberlain, Head of Trusts and Foundations

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I am passionate about social justice, including ensuring children have a positive start in life, with equal rights and equal opportunity. As soon as I learnt about the huge numbers of children who are sadly at risk of morning hunger, Magic Breakfast’s work felt crucial. I soon discovered that alleviating hunger (despite being extremely important) is only the tip of the iceberg and that a Magic Breakfast leads to progress in education, wellbeing, physical health and it has economic benefits too.

I love that a seemingly simple idea makes such a huge difference to children and families across the country and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Favourite breakfast: Marmite on toast with a cup of tea, delicious!

Alice Rivers, Trusts and Foundations Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? Education plays such an important part in empowering children to pursue a happy and healthy future. It is unacceptable that so many children in the UK cannot access this education, despite being in the classroom, because they are too hungry to concentrate and learn. Magic Breakfast does amazing work in providing a simple and effective solution to help children reach their full potential and I feel very lucky to be part of it! 

Favourite breakfast: Porridge (with a pinch of salt!) with raspberries, peanut butter and honey. Pop out for a mocha if I’m feeling decadent.

Daisy Tebbutt, Trusts and Foundations Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I personally see food as a very important part of growing up for both mental and physical health. My experience as a teacher has shown me first-hand the importance of breakfast before a school day for children of all ages. Being part of a growing change to prioritise children’s health and wellbeing before asking them to sit and learn for a whole school day is what motivates me to work for Magic Breakfast. Providing children with a space where they can enjoy breakfast and enter school ready to learn is invaluable and it is an honour to work for an organisation that prioritises this.

Favourite breakfast: Peanut butter and banana on toast!

Neil Calloway, Trusts and Foundations Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? A nutritious breakfast is such an important part of the day, and helping provide one to children who need it may seem like a small thing, but the impact it can have on not only hunger, but wellbeing and learning is huge. The work Magic Breakfast do is so important in giving children the chance to fulfil their potential, and I want to play a part in that.

Favourite breakfast: Granola with yoghurt, made the night before and left in the fridge ready for morning

Ave Vinick, Philanthropy Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? The thought of kids starting the day hungry and the idea that I might be able to help some of them get a decent breakfast.

Favourite breakfast: Pancakes or waffles with real maple syrup!

Zoe Lewis, Fundraising Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? With our busy lives, it’s often easy to think of breakfast as an afterthought – taking its foundational role in our day for granted. But, as I was always told, it really is the most important meal of the day. Going to school hungry can have a huge impact on a child’s potential during their school years, which are so important for learning, socialising, and developing skills for the future. By helping to provide more children with a ‘Magic Breakfast’, I hope to help these children gain the most from their school experience so they can go on to achieve amazing things!

Favourite breakfast: Quaker porridge oats with a layer of crunchy demerara sugar on top and freshly squeezed orange juice.