Lindsey MacDonald, Chief Executive 


The magic of Magic Breakfast is the people – our staff, volunteers, supporters, school staff, youth campaigners, and most importantly, the children and young people. Being part of this team and knowing the difference that breakfast can make to a child’s school day, their education, and future is a privilege.


Alan Mustafa, Head of People and Culture


Anthony Eckersley, Head of Finance and Performance


As a parent of 2 school aged children I was shocked to realise that so many children across the UK did not have an equal opportunity to learn as they were coming to school hungry. The work that Magic Breakfast do is so important to help children and young people get the best start possible to their school day by providing a healthy nutritious breakfast and playing a small part in this is truly humbling.


Emily Wilkie, Head of Fundraising & Development


There are so many reasons why I love my job. The cause attracted me initially; I am passionate about unlocking the future potential of all children, no matter their start in life. A breakfast does so much and it also levels the playing field when it comes to education. Each day I am motivated and inspired by our people, our shared passion and the culture we’ve created together. Magic Breakfast is a place where we really do live our values and where everyones’ unique input is valued and celebrated. 


Jacquie Bance de Vasquez, Director of Policy and Engagement


Magic Breakfast is such a rewarding place to work; tackling a real issue and changing lives both now and in the future. And I love that it’s so much more than breakfast – we are giving those child the chance to reach their full potential. It’s also the most collaborative and supportive place that I’ve worked, balancing ambition and drive with genuine compassion for others.


Sam Boulton, Director of Service Delivery


Ximena Del Castillo, Executive Assistant

I love working in the voluntary sector and being part of a team that strives to make the world a better place. I can’t believe that in a country as rich as the UK children are still too hungry to learn in school. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team that is working so hard to end this absurdity.