26th October 2018

We are lucky enough to have some fantastic supporters, big companies who provide food, office space, discounted services and of course, funding for more breakfast clubs around the country. But we never forget the kind individuals and small organisations that together make a huge contribution and who we couldn’t do without.

Whether they are running 10K or a marathon, climbing Snowdon or Kilimanjaro or asking for donations as a birthday or wedding present, it all adds up to make a massive difference to so many hungry children.

The inewspaper Christmas appeal last year brought in hundreds of coupons snipped from the paper, with donations large and small. Many from older people who were shocked that there are still so many children arriving at school with empty stomachs. One donor wrote:

 “My father was the headmaster of a village school in S. Bucks. When he returned home from WW2 he used to buy food on his way to work for the youngsters in his class. He justified it to my mother, (who was struggling to feed us all on his salary) that he could not teach children anything if they had empty stomachs, so 70 years on, little has changed.”

The team here at Magic Breakfast are lucky enough to be able to visit schools to see the difference breakfast makes. School breakfasts are served in different ways depending on the school’s facilities or how best to reach the children most in need. There may be cereal served in the school hall, a toasted bagel from a trolley in the playground or from a basket passed around in registration, as long as tummies are filled, and children are settled and ready to start their school day.

One teacher from a Magic Breakfast school recently said “The attainment, behaviour and social skills of some of our most needy pupils is significantly improved with the support of a good breakfast and a safe environment to start their day in.”

We appreciate every penny raised or more specifically, every 30p raised. No child should start the day too hungry to learn. You are helping us change that. As a child at one of our partner schools recently said  ‘Magic breakfast is magic because it makes your brain work.’ Thank you.