30 March 2022

Sadly, the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on an increasing number of families across the country, and the need for nutritious school breakfasts for children at risk of hunger has never been greater.

We are pleased, therefore, that, thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to expand our breakfast provision significantly. We are now supporting well over 1000 schools in England and Scotland, with a further 48 schools joining us this academic year.

Via our partner schools, children are offered bagels, low sugar cereals, beans and porridge. Magic Breakfast’s specialist team of School Partners works with each school to ensure the type of provision – be it a traditional breakfast club, cereal or bagels in the classroom, or grab and go - suits the school and, most, importantly is the sort of breakfast provision that will reach the most children in need.

In Magic Breakfast partner schools, there are, on average, 209 pupils receiving breakfast daily, which is a 107% increase compared with before the pandemic, whilst the number of schools supported by Magic Breakfast has more than doubled since 2020.  Overall, this means that there are now more than 200,000 children who receive a Magic Breakfast - four times greater than prior to the pandemic.

A teacher at one of our partner schools told us: “There are many children in our school for whom the school breakfast has made a transformative impact. Children who arrive at school hungry are distracted and not ready to learn. A nutritious breakfast means children start the day in a better position to learn, and with a more positive attitude to their friends, classmates, and teachers.”

Laura Chow, Head of Charities, People’s Postcode Lottery said “Providing a great start to the school day means children are prepared for the school day, not distracted by hunger and the prospect of a seemingly distant lunch.  Children who are better prepared for the school day, will one day be young adults who are better prepared for life. It’s very gratifying that our players are supporting Magic Breakfast, and together we are making a positive and lasting impact on many lives.

A huge thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, your support is going a long way to ensure no child is too hungry to learn.