6 June 2023

What are the benefits of volunteering for a charity?

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Giving happiness brings you happiness 

Giving is a way of supporting our own happiness… It’s true, the more we do for others, the better we feel about ourselves! So, when we think about taking care of our wellbeing, it is often necessary to think about how we can use our resources to care for others.  

Giving your time can take many different forms, and everyone will benefit from different approaches… 

Need the drive to get active or the thrill of a new adrenaline-fueled challenge? It sounds like taking on a sponsored challenge might be for you! 

Thrive on community connection or looking to build your social skills? Perhaps arranging fundraising and awareness-raising events, such as a book sale or walk-a-thon, in the local community would give you a buzz! 

Is seeing yourself make a difference crucial in your sense of personal satisfaction and happiness? It could be that volunteering with a charity of your choice on a regular basis would give you the level of involvement you are looking for.  

When we give, we get back. It’s one of the beautiful things about human nature, and not one to be ignored when we consider looking after our wellbeing.  

I volunteer because I want to help ensure every child and young person has a full tummy in the morning to provide them with the fuel and energy to seize every educational opportunity and have a bright future.  That is the magic of volunteering for Magic Breakfast.  

– Aniela Shuckburgh, Magic Breakfast Trustee 

Professional development can be supercharged through giving your time

Would you like to feel more confident, hone skills, add some work experience to your CV and increase your social network? Volunteering can offer all of these things, and more! 

Looking to develop ready for a new role or retrain in a new field? Finding a voluntary opportunity which gives you access to training, opportunities to develop or hone skills or exposure to the relevant professional setting can enhance your confidence as well as your CV! 

Do you want to find a new area of passion, but are unsure where to start? A less talked about benefit of volunteering is the opportunity to explore new experiences and skills to see if you like them. How great would it be to try out being a social media guru, for example, before pouring all your time and effort into upskilling yourself for a paid role?  

Would you benefit from connection with like-minded people who can support you professionally? Coming up against a hurdle with a new colleague? Maybe you have a contact who can advise you how to navigate challenges like this. Want to step up to the next level? Maybe someone in your network can put you in touch with a mentor. In need of a sound board to help you get more creative? Maybe you already know just the person! Volunteering is a brilliant way of establishing or expanding a professional network which can offer incredible support as you go through your career. 

Volunteering with Magic Breakfast has been a fulfilling experience for me. It gave me a chance to step away from the daily office routine and do something that makes a real difference in the community. I believe that volunteering opportunities are not just important for staff engagement, but they also help us understand the challenges faced by our community. Volunteering with Magic Breakfast has given me a chance to be a part of the solution and raise awareness about child poverty in our country. It’s a humbling experience, and I’m proud to be a part of a company that values giving back in this way.   

– Katy Olpin, Corporate Responsibility Manager, The Office Group 

Getting your organisation involved in volunteering can make employees more content at work 

Did you know, research suggests that charity involvement can increase your staff engagement and morale? Get your staff feeling good while your organisation does good… now we call that a win-win!

There are many different ways for your staff to volunteer for charity… 

  • Whether an adrenaline-fueled bungee jump or a running challenge, taking part in a Challenge Event together gives employees an opportunity to bond as a team while raising money for charity.  
  • Volunteering to run a fun office fundraising event, whether a bake off or auction of promises, is a great way for staff to both support the causes closest to their heart and share this passion with colleagues.  
  • Dedicating regular time to leverage their unique skillset for the benefit of their chosen charity can benefit people in a myriad of ways. We have partners whose employees at all levels volunteer their time and expertise in areas from social media through to logistics, giving them the opportunity to give back, develop their skills, network and build their CV. 
  • Our partners can access unique opportunities to volunteer at our partner schools, attending breakfast clubs to deliver those all-important morning meals and seeing the impact that this has first-hand.  

Inspired? We thought you might be! Reach out to corporatepartnerships@magicbreakfast.com to find out about organisational volunteering opportunities with Magic Breakfast.  

We believe that volunteering with Magic Breakfast has been invaluable. We have gained an incredible sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in seeing the children grow in both confidence and enthusiasm… our involvement [has] helped impact their future and will expand their horizons  

– Harriet Neale and Priya Parmar, Permira

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