Get together, have a breakfast, give a breakfast (or a whole week of them!)

How productive are you on an empty stomach? Without the energy from breakfast we’d all struggle to achieve our daily successes, whether that's completing a project at work, going for a run, or having an active day with our families or friends. It’s the same for children, who need Fuel For Success, from solving their first maths sums and learning to spell, to scoring their first goal or crossing a finish line. 

During the week of 7th-13th June up to 170,000 children in our partner schools across the UK will be sitting down to eat their healthy Magic Breakfasts and we want you to join them

Whether at your kitchen table, in the garden, office, your favourite café or over Zoom, we want you to enjoy breakfast together with your friends, family, colleagues or by yourself, and be part of Magic Breakfast's first ever 
Great Big Breakfast

All you have to do is make the time to enjoy breakfast, and donate just £2 per person to Magic Breakfast, which is enough to fund more than a week’s worth of breakfasts for a hungry schoolchild in the UK, so they have the fuel to succeed in and out of the classroom.

How to get involved:

Choose a morning between 7th-13th June and sign up to host a breakfast. Get your friends, family or colleagues together, or do it alone, and take a little time to enjoy a good breakfast while raising vital funds to ensure no child is too hungry to learn.

You don’t need to make anything special (although, why not treat yourself!) - you might be a marmite on toast lover (or hater), prefer a healthy bowl of cereal, or enjoy your eggs poached with lashings of ketchup – whatever your breakfast looks like, the Great Big Breakfast is an opportunity to dedicate some time to the most important meal of the day.

Sign up to take part and help fund Fuel for Success! 

You'll be sent your own fundraising pack, along with all the details on how to take part.

How to donate your £2?

Head to the bottom of this page and click on the orange 'donate here' button, this will take you straight to the Great Big Breakfast donations page.

Or to donate via text, you can text GBB to 70085 to donate £2. 

If you would like to donate another amount, text GBB to 70085 followed by the amount you'd like to donate, e.g to donate £10 text GBB 10, or to donate £50 text GBB 50


Here at Magic Breakfast, we know just how important a nutritious breakfast is, and we also know that, to the 170,000 children in England and Scotland we support, it is about so much more than just food. A Magic Breakfast gives children the opportunity to start their day together, providing a valuable social time with friends. It can offer children a chance talk to an adult about issues that are worrying them, or time to get help with homework. It is a great way to start the day calm and ready to learn.

While many of us may take having breakfast for granted, sadly there are children across the UK in food insecure households who don’t have the option to have breakfast at home. These children may not have had anything to eat since lunch the day before.

Magic Breakfast supports these children, providing them with a healthy breakfast each school day, without barrier or stigma, so when the bell rings they are fed and ready to learn.

So, as children enjoy their healthy Magic Breakfasts, why not join them? The Great Big Breakfast is a perfect opportunity to make time in your morning to slow down, catch up, and get focused for the day ahead, all for a great cause. 

Download your fundraising pack here: 

Individuals Fundraising Pack

Corporate Fundraising Pack

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