21 April 2023

Breakfast Goes Green

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On the 53rd annual Earth Day, Magic Breakfast are excited to announce that we’ve launched our first ever Environmental Mission Statement. The statement is a big step in our move to an environmentally conscious future.  

At Magic Breakfast we acknowledge the human-made emergency the world faces and the impact it will have on all the communities we work with, from Finsbury Park to Fife. That is why we are planning to reach Net Zero by 2030. 

Why Magic Breakfast? 

We believe that all organisations, whatever their size or mission, have a duty to act in an environmentally conscious manner. Our mission and our dedication to ending child morning hunger will never change. We see our new environmental ambitions as key to supporting the children, young people, families and communities we exist to serve. 

As Eliot Levine of Mercy Corps told Global Citizen: ‘Climate change is going to amplify the already existing divide between those who have resources and those who do not.’ 

Whilst no single weather event can be tied to climate change, more regular freak weather events around the world can cause price shocks here at home. This in turn can make it harder for families already living in food insecurity to access staple products. 

What can Magic Breakfast do? 

Our new mission looks across our whole organisation to establish new ways of working with the sustainability of our actions in mind. 

This includes precluding the use of domestic flights for our team wherever possible and taking a digital first approach to the production of branded resources. 

We’re also seeking to make bigger changes, including how and what we deliver to children and young people. All our work toward Net Zero will be helped by a new Low Carbon Action Plan, designed to measure, monitor and detail how to reduce our carbon emissions. 

Holding ourselves accountable 

Launching our mission is the beginning, not the end, of our conversation and learning about sustainability. We’re open to hearing from partners, funders and friends on the work they’re doing so that we can support each other in this journey. 

We know the road isn’t easy, but it is one we’re committed to. Every year, alongside our annual report, we’ll be publishing how we’re doing with reaching our ambitions.  

We believe the future of the UK is one where no child or young person is too hungry to learn. We believe that this future can, and must, be green. 

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