We can't meet our mission of ending child morning hunger without working alongside other wonderful organisations. That's why it's so important that we work in coalition with businesses, charities and other groups to best leverage skills and insight from across sectors in the fight for change.


School Food Review Working Group

The School Food Review Working Group is a coalition that includes representatives of catering staff, school leaders, local authorities, experts, campaigners, and, of course, school children. As both a breakfast provider and an advocacy organization, we work with our partners across the School Food Review towards a future where barriers to classroom hunger are eliminated, and all children and young people are able to focus and thrive throughout the school day.


End Child Poverty Coalition

Magic Breakfast is working to end child morning hunger now and for good. We’re proud to be members of the End Child Poverty Coalition, a group of around 80 organisations, charities, trade unions and faith groups, who are all working in concert to alleviate the symptoms and causes of child poverty across the United Kingdom.