A “magic” breakfast is healthy and nutritious and complies with the Government’s School Food Standards. It is designed to give children energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, and is low in sugar, salt and fat.   

We provide Quaker porridge, Tesco cereals, special recipe Bagel Nash bagels and Tropicana unsweetened juice (which needs to be diluted with 50% water, as recommended by the British Dental Association*).  Schools buy their own milk and spreads, although we do offer guidance on portion size and the amount of spread that is appropriate for school age children to consume. Our Nutritionist also give schools information on possible allergens in Magic Breakfast food.  

Drawing by Year 6 pupil

In 2015 Magic Breakfast provided:

2,016,576 bagels
185,000 litres of juice
88,498 boxes of cereal 
8,643 boxes of porridge 

*NOTE: The "Safefood BDA drinks poster" on the British Dental Association website says "It's ok [for children] to have a small glass of 100% fruit juice or a smoothie once a day - in fact it acts as one of their 5 a day. These drinks should only be consumed at mealtimes due to acidity".