Jake Atkinson, Campaigns Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? It’s a tragedy that in one of the world’s richest countries that we have children who are too hungry to learn at school. No child should go hungry and all children deserve equal opportunity to thrive in school and achieve their full potential. Magic Breakfast is doing amazing work to make this a reality and I’m proud to be a part of it!

Favourite breakfast: Pancakes, with strawberries and maple syrup. Best enjoyed with friends and a cup of tea!

Lorraine Kelly, Policy Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? Over the years I have volunteered for international charities that focus on providing children abroad with a nutritious meal in their place of learning. I never imagined there would be such a need on my own doorstep, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. But there is, and such relentless hunger is creating a huge barrier for children wanting to learn. Magic Breakfast helps tackle this by offering children with empty tummies a nutritious breakfast before the bell rings. I feel deeply privileged to be working for a charity so committed to ensuring as many children as possible receive an equal start in life.

Favourite Breakfast? A cinnamon bagel smothered in butter and jam, washed down with a big mug of ‘Scottish’ tea and honey.