Pete Whitehead, Policy Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? The idea that any child should have their education and development disrupted due to a need as basic as hunger not being met is simply not acceptable. Any conception of the common good should include investing in children to ensure they can reach their full potential. I’m proud to be a part of an organisation dedicated to ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn.

Favourite breakfast: I really like fish for breakfast, like kippers or salmon, but Scotch Woodcock is probably my favourite! Practically, though, I usually have some granola with yoghurt and fruit, and a coffee in my Moomin mug.

Finlay Allmond, Policy Officer - Scotland

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? It is hard to believe that in one of the world’s largest economies children and young people are at risk of losing out on educational attainment because of hunger. Working at Magic Breakfast allows me to help children and young people whose voices are so often forgotten and ignored.

Favourite breakfast: Bacon sandwiches cooked by my Mum with a mug of hot chocolate.

Joe Bishop, Parliamentary Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? It’s shocking that in the UK there are still children going to school too hungry to learn. Hunger contributes a huge amount to educational and economic inequalities, and so I’m proud to be a part of an organisation that works so hard to tackle and reduce child hunger.

Favourite breakfast: Anything, as long as it’s accompanied by a very strong coffee!

Rebecca Thimmesch, Campaigns Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I believe that nourishment is one of the fundamental building blocks of a great childhood. I’m proud to work for an organisation that helps children start each day as their best self by providing a filling and delicious breakfast so that they can focus on learning, growing, and having fun.

Favourite breakfast: An egg bagel with lox, tofu cream cheese, and capers accompanied by an extra-large iced coffee.