Do you have a skill, hobby, challenge or passion that you think could be a good fundraiser? Here are some ideas to get you started. Contact the fundraising team for help and fundraising materials [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE that you may need to adapt these activities if you have to comply with social distancing and lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19. 

Easy wins

  1. Give as your earn – ask at your place of work about their 'give as you earn' scheme or CAF to find out more 
  2. Challenge your team at work to make a small lifestyle change once a week and donate the difference - it could be cycling to work, bringing in lunch or giving up that artisan coffee
  3. Ebay your unwanted items - you know what they say, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!
  4. Start doing all your online shopping via Easy Fundraising and Magic Breakfast will receive a gift donation from them 
  5. Organise a silent raffle - ask companies to donate prizes, set up a donation page and the highest bidder for each item wins!


Get together

  1. Host a party - it could be 1920's, bad taste or space themed?! Turn your party into a fundraiser by asking people to donate instead of bringing a bottle
  2. Put on a charity gig or mini festival - most community centres will donate the venue for a fundraiser. Ask your talented friends to perform!
  3. Set up a monthly brunch club with friends - take it in turns to host the brunch and everyone donates what they think it’s worth
  4. Organise a treasure hunt in your town by laying a series of clues before setting people off in teams
  5. Get your local involved and organise a quiz night for the boffins amongst your friends!


Get physical

  1. Set yourself a course along the coast and hire some stand up paddle boards (and wetsuits!)
  2. Swim the channel distance in a team relay at your local pool
  3. Host a football tournament and challenge your friends' companies to get teams together
  4. Yogathon - ask your local studio if they will host back-to-back yoga for a day with people donating £20 for the day
  5. Check out our challenge event page for up and coming organised events near you!