What better way to start D A Y  F O U R of #MagicBreakfastWeek than with a warming bowl of porridge made using oats from our fantastic partner Quaker Oats UK!

Our Nutrition Manager suggests making it with coconut milk and topping it with orange, mango and banana to add a bit of winter sun.

T R O P I C A L  F R U I T S are nutrient dense and have a low glycaemic index. They are also a great source of potassium & fibre and help to keep hair, eyes and skin healthy.

P O R R I D G E is made from oats that are high in complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, meaning they release energy slowly. Complex carbohydrates can also help to stabilise blood sugar levels - and oats provide protein at 4.5g per serving.

Porridge is great source of

·       Calcium - for strong bones and teeth

·       Potassium - for a healthy heart

·       Vitamin A - for good vision

·       Niacin - for healthy digestion

We have had some fabulous support for #MagicBreakfast Week on social media. Here are some mouth watering porridge photos posted on Twitter:

Thank you for your support!