24th January, 2019

The BBC are reporting that their analysis of newly-published secondary school tables shows that it will take over 70 years for poorer pupils to catch up with their richer peers at GCSE. They say that if the pace of change remains the same as it has been since 2011, poor pupils will not do as well until the 2090's.

Magic Breakfast drives improved educational outcomes for these very children. As a rich, caring country we cannot allow this attainment gap to widen further. 

Rather than exclude children from their future success through poverty, we ask Government to scale up and  accelerate the reach of Magic Breakfast and the National School Breakfast Programme. A hungry child can not concentrate, and the most important lessons are taught in the morning. Schools tell us that our breakfast support potentially opens up four hours of learning for each vulnerable child. 

Magic Breakfast's founder, Carmel McConnell MBE, said: "Let us decide now to ensure every one of the UK’s half a million hungry schoolchildren has permanent access to a healthy school breakfast, as fuel for learning".