Priyan attended Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet, and went on to study Accounting & Finance at the University of Kent at Canterbury and thereafter completed a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics.

Priyan, together with his two brothers, Julan and Prag, operate DVS Property, a commercial property business founded in 1985 by their father, Dhiru V Shah. DVS specialise in UK institutional real estate investment across a variety of sectors, including logistics, automotive, out of town retail, supermarkets, and occupational assets to include student accommodation and hotels.

In 2012, the family set up DVS Foundation to formalise their charitable giving. The family’s philanthropy is currently focused in the areas of education, healthcare, mobility, genetic science and food provision, both in the UK and East Africa. Priyan is actively involved in the running of the Foundation. 

Priyan is married with one daughter. He has travelled extensively and enjoys an adventurous, scenic hike. Priyan has from a young age played a number of racquet sports including tennis and badminton.

His favourite breakfast is a hot waffle with a generous serving of chocolate sauce and fresh fruit, with a masala and ginger coffee!