Welcome to Magic Breakfast, a registered charity aiming to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provision of healthy breakfasts to children. 

Pupils arrive at school hungry for many reasons, but poverty is the main factor at play in schools where Magic Breakfast is needed. Even in homes where there are working adults, we are told by teachers at our partner schools that parents skip meals in order that their children can eat. 

When you think that children might not have eaten anything nutritious since their school lunch the previous day, and that it is very difficult for them to concentrate if they are hungry, that is half a day of learning lost for them every day - half their education - if they don't eat breakfast. 

We can provide a healthy breakfast, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, for just 34p per child per day. The impact on that child, to the school community and, in time, to the country's workforce is, we believe, an incredible return on such a small investment. 

Thank you for your support.