22nd January 2018

Today we kick off #MagicBreakfastWeek 2018 - five whole days dedicated to celebrating BREAKFAST!

We are very lucky to work with some incredible restaurant partners and over the next few days we will be sharing some recipes from them on our social media and their health benefits. 

Banana & Tahini Toast from The Good Egg [@thegoodegg_]

- 50/50 bread toasted
- 1 x ripe banana
- 1 x teaspoon honey
- 1 x teaspoon raw tahini
- 1 x teaspoon date jam

Date Jam Recipe:

Place 200g pitted dates in a sauce pan and add 500ml water.

Cook on a medium heat until dates are soft.

Blend and cool.

Topping the toast:

Toast your bread and spread the date jam while still warm.

Top with chopped banana, honey and tahini.

Healthy Tips from our resident nutritionist Harriet Green:

  • 50/50 bread is great for little tummies as it’s a blend of whole grain goodness, but also white flour which they are more familiar with.
  • Tahini is high in calcium, protein and unsaturated fats. (Please note this can be removed if you have an allergy to sesame).

Stay tuned for the rest of the week's breakfast recipes!