Four easy breakfasts kids can make themselves

by Magic Breakfast's Nutrition Team 

We all learn better when we get involved and get practical. Teaching children what a healthy breakfast consists of and why it’s so important for their bodies is one thing, but you can also reinforce these messages by getting them involved in their breakfast preparation. This will teach them a lesson in responsibility, self-sufficiency and test their knowledge in picking healthy breakfast options.   

Here are some ideas little hands can help in the kitchen with:

1.      Toast and fruit – around the age of 6 your child may be able to use a toaster. Let them toast their own bread (if possible have a variety of wholemeal, white and granary breads) then, using a teaspoon for portion control, they can add a choice of nut butters, decorate the top with slices on banana and a final sprinkle of cinnamon to add flavour.

2.      Cereal – cold cereal may seem like a boring choice – but you can create a cereal bar in the kitchen and encourage your child to mix and match their cereal choices with different toppings each week, such as fruit. Make sure the milk is reachable from the fridge.

3.      Smoothie bowl – for the older child – show them how to measure out a single portion of ingredients for a smoothie such as frozen raspberries and a banana, plain yoghurt, oats and water – teach them how to blend it all together keeping a thick consistency and then pour it into a bowl. They can then top the mixture with some sliced apples or coconut flakes.

4.      Yoghurt Parfait – have a pot of plain yoghurt and a variety of cut-up fruit in the fridge, In the morning your child can choose the fruit they want to add to their yoghurt pot and sprinkle on top any choice of healthy cereal you have in the house such as cornflakes, rice pops or even granola.