"We always fight over who gets the biggest bagel, and I got it today!" Magic Breakfast bagels are a huge success at our breakfast clubs. They are supplied at cost price by Bagel Nash whose wonderful craft bakers produce them using only the finest, natural ingredients.

Magic bagels are free from any preservatives, artificial additives, added fats or E numbers and are 100% G.M.O free. They are all less than 3% fat and, most importantly, provide a great source of energy, helping to fuel brains for a productive day at school.

In the Summer term of 2016 Bagel Nash kindly gave our founder, Carmel McConnell, and a group of pupils from a nearby Magic Breakfast partner school, The Co-operative Academy of Leeds, an exciting tour of their Bakery. Students saw how the dough was made, shaped and baked and were even interviewed for Made In Leeds TV! Thank you Bagel Nash!