From Monday 01/02/2021, colleagues at Mitcham Jobcentre are invited to take part in the Mitcham Mile. We will be raising money for a charity called Magic Breakfast. The work they do is fantastic! They ensure that no child in their partner schools is too hungry to learn by providing healthy breakfasts and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing. Throughout February, jobcentre staff will try and walk 30 miles in total. This benefits everyone that takes part! If you are working from home, it gives you a reason to get out and exercise! If you are in the office, team up with a colleague and do it in your lunch break (obviously, social distancing applies). As proof of your mile walk, please take a short video or some selfies on the way. If you wish to walk more than one mile, feel free. Thank you. Paul Macarthy