Holly Tavana On the 13th June I shall be climbing 5895m to the top of Kilimanjaro and will be raising money for the brilliant Magic Breakfast! I'll be flying over to Tanzania on the 12th June and will begin the ascent on the 14th June. It will take 5 days to climb to 4600m (that's just under 15 Shards high!) and at midnight on the 19th June I'll climb the crater and reach the peak at dawn, to hopefully see a beautiful sunrise! Then it's 2 days descent back down to Machame Park Gate to finish on the 20th June.

I have been searching for a charity that means something to me and you'll probably know that I am passionate about food and healthy eating, enter Magic Breakfast.

Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry or malnourished to learn. A hungry child cannot concentrate. For 22p Magic Breakfast can give a child a healthy breakfast at school, opening up four hours of crucial lesson time in the morning.

I would love to help as many children and it costs £42 for each child to have breakfast every morning for a whole school year. With your help I am aiming to raise £420 (or more) to give 10 children breakfast for a year, this could make a difference between a child being able to read or write which will ultimately impact on the life choices they have in the future and to know that I can make a difference to their lives through something so simple as breakfast makes this even more important to me.

I have funded the travel and trip costs myself so every penny you donate will be going straight to Magic Breakfast!

Any size donation would be really appreciated!!
Holly Tavana