Katie Freeman, Impact, Data and Research Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast?  Mornings are hard enough without an empty stomach! No child should have to worry about their next meal or miss out on vital learning because they haven't had breakfast.

Favourite breakfast: Avocado on sourdough with poached eggs and lots of cracked pepper. Mmmmmm!

Martin Reymert, Impact and Research Officer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I have always been passionate about an equal society where all children have the same opportunities to pursue their dreams. In the UK today, children living in poverty and hunger are massively disadvantaged compared to children growing up in more stable households. I therefore believe that Magic Breakfast’s work, ensuring that all children have access to a healthy breakfast to kick-start their school day, is important to bridge this gap.

Favourite breakfast: Poached eggs and avocado on toast

Kathryn Sayers, Senior Database Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? No child should be too hungry to fulfil their potential at school. I’m proud to be part of an organisation working towards ensuring children start their day full of energy, happy and ready to learn. That is great motivation to get up and start work.

Favourite breakfast: My favourite weekday breakfast is soft boiled egg on granary toast but on a Sunday morning, I make pancakes with my kids, and we eat them together with hazelnut chocolate spread and fruit.

Katie Clowes, Partnerships and Media Relations Manager

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? I wake up hungry every day but I’m lucky enough to be able to just open the fridge. The fact that there are children in the UK, a country with one of the largest and richest economies in the world, who have to go hungry is disgraceful. Magic Breakfast provides vital food and support so that all children can start their day focused and with full bellies. The thought that I can play a part in helping to make that happen is all the motivation I need.

Favourite breakfast: In the week it’s the breakfast of champions – boiled eggs and a cup of a builder’s strength Yorkshire tea. For a weekend treat, it’s got to be a hash brown and fried egg bap with lots of chilli jam!

Mohamed Ahmed, Digital Content Producer

What motivates you to work for Magic Breakfast? Children up and down the country are waking up hungry. This should not be happening anywhere in the world, especially not in an economically wealthy country like the U.K. Magic Breakfast supports children at risk of hunger, and being able to help and make difference in these communities is very important to me.

Favourite breakfast: Acai Bowl or Greek Yogurt with Fruit.