Does your network know that the Scottish Government has not provided hungry children with a single slice of toast since making their promise to deliver breakfast to all young people in primary and special schools two years ago?

Do you think they ought to know?

Tell them where you stand in the fight against morning hunger by using your social platform to spread the word about the #BreakfastCantWait campaign.

Even if you don’t live in Scotland, you are helping us show widespread support for change. 

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Empty promises don’t fill empty tummies. #BreakfastCantWait - the @ScotGov must deliver on its promise to roll out free school breakfasts to all pupils in all primary and special schools.


We’re proud to stand with our friends at @magic_breakfast and say #BreakfastCantWait 

Each day, 250,000 children and young people in Scotland are at risk of morning hunger. It’s time for @ScotGov to deliver on their promise and put breakfast on the table. 


It’s been two years since @ScotGov promised to deliver universal breakfast provision in primary and special schools nationwide.

Each day that this promise remains unfulfilled, more and more children and young people risk starting their day too hungry to learn. We’re proud to support @magic_breakfast's new campaign #BreakfastCantWait 


2 years ago the @ScotGov promised free school breakfasts for ALL pupils in primary and special schools.

They have so far failed to make good on that promise.

I’m supporting @magic_breakfast 's call on @HumzaYousaf to act now to put breakfast on the table #BreakfastCantWait


250,000 children and young people across Scotland are currently at risk of morning hunger

It’s been 2 years since @ScotGov promised to tackle this, but we’re still waiting for them to deliver. Breakfast can’t wait any longer. We’re standing with @magic_breakfast and telling the Government: #BreakfastCantWait 




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