8 January 2019

We are, not surprisingly, a little obsessed with the first meal of the day here at Magic Breakfast, and on a chilly morning it seems more important than ever. However, many children take some tempting to eat in the morning or just get bored with the same breakfast of cereal or toast. How about mixing things up a bit and, if there’s time, teaching youngsters to make something new?

A breakfast containing egg adds valuable protein and iron, whilst cheese or milk provide protein and calcium. Extra vegetables, for example in an omelette or frittata, will also help to provide vital vitamins, minerals and fibre. Here are some suggestions from our consultant nutritionist, Julia Wolman:

Cheese and tomato/mushroom/spinach omelette  - omelette fingers make an excellent finger food for babies and toddlers

Cheese and vegetable mini frittatas - these can be made in silicone muffin tins for individual child-friendly portions. Search for vegetable frittata online there are lots of recipes, and they are good hot or cold and can be frozen too.

Reduced sugar and salt baked beans on toast with grated cheese, very quick and always satisfying

Boiled eggs and ‘soldiers’

Toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches, or open grilled cheese on toast

Pancakes - try with half plain/half wholemeal flour for added nutrients and fibre, and you could also add in a mashed ripe banana and/or handful of raisins to the batter for natural sweetness, reducing the need for maple syrup or honey.

Toasted crumpets with cream cheese or mashed banana

Toasted fruit bread (sultana tea loaf style)

Last but definitely not least, there’s always our favourite - porridge. There is so much you can do with simple healthy oats, just adding chopped banana or other favourite fruit makes it sweet and delicious without the need for any processed sugar and as a slow release complex carbohydrate it is one of the best for keeping tummies full until lunchtime.

Of course, we know that sadly too many children won’t find any of these options at home which is why we strive to continue to provide nutritious school breakfasts to those who need them most. Porridge, bagels and healthier cereals – it is all good fuel for learning.