30 November 2020

Well that was a fun Friday night!

Back in May, during the first lockdown, our friend, actor Russell Tovey hosted an Instagram live fundraising event for us, drawing rainbows and encouraging his followers to donate to Magic Breakfast to win one of his drawings. Last Friday he did it again, and then some!

This time he was drawing festive cards for us, which again, his followers had a chance to win by donating, but this time it turned into a full evening with Russell inviting his followers to join the Live to chat to him.

It turned into quite a talent night! Some people chatted, others performed, there was theatre, some amazing singing, (including a special rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by a toddler!) and even a performance on a tuba.

All the while the donations were coming in. Russell drew 50 cards to be won, the rainbow colours were back and we all now know to quote “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain” to get the colours in the right order on a rainbow!

Thank you so much Russell, for your time and your drawings, which will shortly be winging their way to the winners from as far away as Canada and Australia. And thank you too, to the generous and talented followers who made the night so special.

Russell raised enough money to fund more than 10,700 Magic Breakfasts! If you’d like to add to the total his fundraising page can be found here.