21 May 2020

During lockdown and with so many schools closed, we have continued to work with partner schools delivering breakfast food that they could parcel up and safely distribute out into the community.

Schools have been working so hard to ensure their most vulnerable families are supported, many have been delivering breakfast packs to families in need rather than having them collected from school. We are delighted that we are now partnering with Amazon who are delivering our breakfast parcels direct to the homes of children whose schools are closed, or who were proving particularly difficult to reach. Deliveries will continue over the half-term holiday in England.

Morrisons supermarket and Kellogg's have stepped up with a donation of 200,000 boxes of ‘No Added Sugar by Kids’ cereal, whilst Heinz UK is donating enough beanz for 12 million meals! The New York Bakery Company have supplied 1.3m low-cost bagels in the last 2 months and our long term supporter Quaker Oats continue to provide their fantastic porridge for free. Whilst Arla is providing enough Cravendale milk vouchers to fill 4.8 million bowls of cereal. 

We are also always grateful for the invaluable support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery who help to keep our operations going whatever else might be going on in the world. 

Despite all this wonderful support, with so many of our usual fundraising activities on hold we urgently need to raise funds.

Actor Russell Tovey and footballer Dele Alli have both publicised our campaign, reaching valuable new audiences for us and helping bring in donations. But you don’t need to have a famous face to help. Every donation helps us reach more hungry children.

Please donate if you can.

Thank you so much for your support. Stay well.