10th May 2019

Hawksmoor restaurants are a great supporter of Magic Breakfast and last week 36 children from Castleview Primary enjoyed a brilliant morning at Hawksmoor in Edinburgh. The restaurant had kindly planned lots of activities, which started with a talk on what their business was all about. The children learnt all about beef and animal welfare, and were so engaged and interested - there were lots of great questions. There was also a food quiz – does this come from a cow? And one of the chefs spoke about a day in the life of a chef, giving the children a great insight into an interesting career.

After some yummy scrambled eggs and toast there was a restaurant tour with one of the managers leading the way dressed as a cow, and a show and tell of fruit and veg too. Thank you so much to all at Hawksmoor Edinburgh for making it such a memorable and fun morning, and to the lovely, lively children from Castleview.