What does success mean to you? It might mean securing a new job, passing a test or learning a new skill - whatever it is, it’s probably something you’ll have to work at to achieve.

But imagine having to work towards success on an empty stomach. That’s the story for thousands of children across the UK who turn up to school hungry each day. Like us, they need energy to succeed in their schoolwork, revise for exams, play sports, and interact with friends.

A hungry child isn’t equipped to make the most of their morning, resulting in them missing out on crucial hours of learning and development.

A healthy breakfast can change that. Having the energy and nutrition to start the day can make the world of difference to a child who is gaining the valuable tools they need to succeed in life. A breakfast can help provide Fuel for Success.

Not only is fuel essential for attainment and play, a breakfast can also help boost a child’s mental health and wellbeing. 82% of teachers surveyed by Magic Breakfast in September 2020 reported they had observed improvements in children’s mental and emotional wellbeing as a result of school breakfast provision.

This year it’s more important than ever that children start the day with the fuel to help them succeed, as schools fully reopen after lockdown and begin the mammoth task of catching children up on lost learning and an unsettled year.

The attainment gap has widened as a result of the pandemic, and disadvantaged children are further behind their wealthier peers as a result. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast can help these children catch up at school.

Magic Breakfast supports up to 170,000 children at risk of hunger each school day, ensuring they have the fuel they need to succeed.

For just 34p Magic Breakfast can provide a schoolchild with a healthy breakfast and expert support to their school.

£5.53 could give a child one month of Magic Breakfasts

£33.15 could provide 6 months of school breakfasts to a child

£66.29 could provide one year of term-time Magic Breakfasts for a hungry child

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