Natascha’s Magic Santa Run

Natascha Wierenga

I am taking part in the Santa Run to raise funds for the charity Magic Breakfast who provide food aid to schools, delivering nutritious breakfasts to children at risk of hunger or malnourishment at the start of the school day.

Jonesies Magic Santa Run!

Katrina Jones

Hey friends! Along with many of London's novelties, there is a Santa Run where over 4000 people dress up in Santa Costumes and run around Victoria Park, all whilst running for their selected charity. So guess what - I'm in and have signed up to fundraise for the children's charity Magic Breakfast! Magic Breakfast provide food aid, expertise and practical support to schools, delivering nutritious breakfasts to children at risk of hunger or malnourishment at the start of the school day.

Natdog's Magic Breakfast Santa Run!

Natalie Thrasivoulou

I'm a volunteer with Magic Breakfast and I want to pledge in any way that I can to help this great cause!

Jennifer's Magic Breakfast Santa Run

Jennifer Sutcliffe

To provide a child with a nutritious breakfast every day for two years

Fuel Running Fuel Learning

Louise Harris

Education is important! We all know that. Some children face situations they can not control. Giving them a decent breakfast is such a simple task but its impact is great!

Amazon Growing Business Awards 2016

Tom Halliley

Magic Breakfast is delighted to have been chosen as charity partner for the Amazon Growing Business Awards. All donations will go towards ensuring that children are not too hungry to learn at the start of their school day.

UDL Supporting Magic Breakfast

Sarah Atkinson

UDL are excited to be working alongside Magic Breakfast to reach their goal of helping more hungry children. The aim is to help as many children as possible to have the same opportunities that we all had growing up.

Benjamin - Aged 7 (with a very proud Mummy)

Hollie Burton

"My name is Benjamin and I want to let children have breakfast at school so I want to raise lots of money to help"

Evo 10 green team

Lisa- Abraham

We believe every child deserves the right to a healthy breakfast

Tesco Irlam fun day

Zoe Bell

I believe that no child's education and future should be affected due to hunger.


Lindsey Botterman

I'll be running the Hackney Half Marathan next week, because, what child doesn't deserve a little magic in the mornings.. Remember poptarts and lucky charms? Yummy Yummy Yummy NOW OPEN YOUR PURSE!

I'm climbing Kilimanjaro!

Holly Tavana

On the 13th June I shall be heading over to Tanzania to climb 5895m to the top of Kilimanjaro and have decided to raise money for the brilliant Magic Breakfast.

Tara's Half Marathon!

Tara Rudd

On 8th May, I'll be Running the Hackney Vitality Half Marathon to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

Show My Homework Magic Breakfast Run

Hannah-Mae Tyson

A small group of us from Show My Homework will be running the Hackney Half Marathon on the 8th of May to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

John Whittaker's Brighton Marathon Fundraising Page

John Whittaker

I am running Brighton Marathon on the 17th April. I will be running for the charity called Magic Breakfast who do a wonderful job providing breakfast to children who would otherwise be too hungry to learn.