Katrina and Phil anniversary party

Katrina Nabavi

So many kids in the UK have to start their school day without a decent breakfast.

Joanna’s Birthday Breakfast fund

Joanna Santinon

i have had a life full of love and opportunity, at this age I really don’t need anything other than the love of my friends and family so it would give me most pleasure this year to help children who need a better start

Arsher Ali - The Cricket Tragic

Arsher Ali

Because no child in the U.K. should go to school on an empty stomach.

Magic SATS 2019: Victoria Road Primary School

Lynette Simmons

I’m fundraising because we use Magic Breakfast at our school and - as a Year 6 teacher - I’m acutely aware of the need for a substantial, energy fuelled breakfast for every child across the UK

Natdog's Magic Breakfast Santa Run!

Natalie Thrasivoulou

I'm a volunteer with Magic Breakfast and I want to pledge in any way that I can to help this great cause!