Tenterden Consulting has been supporting Magic Breakfast since 2013 and during that time has donated almost £9,000 to this great charity (which equates to over 40,000 breakfasts!).

Jonathan Medes, managing director of Tenterden Consulting, says “being able to support Magic Breakfast has been one of the highlights of running Tenterden Consulting. I have always believed that having a good breakfast sets you up for the day and hearing stories of children going to school hungry made me really want to support the good work of Magic Breakfast. In this day and age children in the UK shouldn’t be going to school hungry, but sadly this is the case for too many children.”

Tenterden Consulting is a leading provider of capital allowances services to a wide variety of clients and its founder, Jonathan Medes, is one of the leading experts on capital allowances, with over 20 years of practical experience in the sector. For more details about Tenterden Consulting please see the link below to their website.