A big thank you to CABWI who made a generous donation of £4,000 in 2017, doubling last year's donation. Throughout 2017 CABWI will be:

  • Supporting the breakfast provision in 1 Magic Breakfast partner school,
  • Providing 60 children with nutritious and healthy breakfasts every school day,
  • Providing 11,700 breakfasts over the course of one year.

The Coal Shed Restaurant London is located at One Tower Bridge on the banks of the River Thames and was born from the love of cooking the finest meat and seafood over fire.

The Coal Shed is supporting Magic Breakfast through the sales of bottled water. £1 from each bottle of water is donated to the charity and each £1 helps us provide 4 healthy and nutritious breakfasts to children in primary and secondary schools across the UK. Brilliant!


Florentine Restaurant, situated at London's South Bank near Waterloo, is donating £1 for every Eggs Benedict, Florentine and Royale they serve. Thank you!

What on Earth? Books encourage children to see the bigger picture, to make connections and inspire them to learn through their own natural curiosity. Their wallbooks fold out to reveal hundreds of hand drawn illustrations on a 2 metre long timeline covering six giant subjects; Big History, Nature, Science, British History, Sport and Shakespeare. 

What on Earth? started supporting Magic Breakfast in 2017 and we are looking forward to a partnership that fuels the tummies and brains of thousands of schoolchildren. 

Yipiyap Ltd is the brainchild of Cheshire Entrepreneur Anne Morris. It is a tutor service that harnesses the academic skills of gap year students taking a year out before university, placing them in primary and secondary schools across Cheshire to support learning in Maths, English and Science. These inspiring young people, armed with A levels, enthusiasm and empathy, in turn inspire their pupils to embrace their education and be the very best they can be.

Anne’s sponsorship commitment to Magic Breakfast began with the first £500 profit she made. Anne’s experience in schools made her appreciate, all the more, the importance of a breakfast to a child’s ability to concentrate and learn. She now sponsors two schools in the region on an annual basis to ensure the children there go into school properly nourished and ready to learn. Thank you Anne and Yipiyap!