Magic Breakfast is delighted to have been chosen by the i newspaper to be the beneficiary of its 2017 Christmas Charity Appeal. 

The charity focuses on reaching, without barrier or stigma, children in deprived areas of the UK who are at risk of hunger or malnutrition at the start of the school day.  A hungry child cannot concentrate and so will miss out on the most important lessons, taught in the morning, if not given anything to eat first thing. 

With at least half a million children in the UK arriving at school too hungry or malnourished to learn, there is a very urgent need for these pupils to receive healthy breakfast food in order that they can focus on their lessons rather than on their hunger.

Magic Breakfast already ensures that over 31,000 children receive nutritious breakfasts every school day, but there are thousands more children who will be sitting in their classes this Winter struggling to concentrate having not had anything to eat since the previous day.  

For just 22p Magic Breakfast can provide a schoolchild with a healthy breakfast, opening up four hours of learning. 

£1.10 provides a week of Magic Breakfasts;

£5 provides a month of Magic Breakfasts;

£42 provides a year of Magic Breakfasts for a hungry child. 

i readers, through their donations to the i Christmas Charity Appeal, will be helping Magic Breakfast to keep children at the charity's partner schools well-nourished at the start of the school day, full of energy and ready for lessons.

In 2016, research by the Education Endowment Foundation and Institute for Fiscal Studies found that pupils at primary schools with Magic Breakfast clubs made, on average, 2 months additional progress in reading, writing and maths compared to children at schools with no such breakfast provision. So readers will be giving disadvantaged children in the UK a chance to do well at school, and the country a chance to do well as these children make their way into the workplace. 

Thank you so much for your support.