24th April, 2017

#MagicSATS 2017

Today we kick off a 6 week campaign to coincide with SATS - the exams that children in Years 2 and 6 at state primary schools take in May. Its aim is to fundraise and raise awareness of the importance of eating a healthy breakfast before exams.

We are encouraging people to donate £10 which will feed a child breakfast for 2 months, as research has found that provision of a Magic Breakfast club in primary schools can lead to an improvement in attainment for pupils equivalent to around 2 months’ worth of additional progress.*

*Education Endowment Foundation research, November 2016


It is very easy for you to make a donation, just by texting SATS10 £10 to 70070, and you will be giving a child the chance to get ahead in their education.

Want to do more? You can donate larger amounts via this special Appeal page (just click on the DONATE button in the big orange box at the top right of this page) through which you can donate £20, £30, £40 or more!  You will be helping more children get the fuel they need to concentrate during their exams.

Answer our quiz questions!

We also want to hear from you, which is why we created the Magic Breakfast Quiz!

Answer the questions below and share them on your Instagram account with 'Help a child get two months ahead by texting SATS10 £10 to 70070 
#MagicSATS #FuelforLearning @magicbreky'

We will publish a selection of answers below, as they come in. 

Quiz questions

.1. Breakfast is the key to my success because...

.2. My favourite breakfast is…

.3. When I don’t have breakfast I feel…

Simon Gregory, Executive Chef at Ace Hotel London. 

Breakfast is the key to my success because… then it allows me to move through the day with greater energy.

My favourite breakfast is… Eggs, bacon, avocado & tomato with a little chilli oil, as it is a fully rounded breakfast of fruit, protein & good fats to start the day and to give me a positive energy. 

When I don’t have breakfast I feel… like I've missed something important. http://hoi-polloi.co.uk/

 The staff at GAIL's Bakery.

Breakfast is the key to our success because... We rise before dawn to start baking and preparing breakfast for our customers, to ensure they have a great start to the day. It’s important that we have breakfast first to fuel ourselves too.

Our favourite breakfast is... simple. Freshly baked sourdough with lashings of butter.

When we don't have breakfast we feel... hungry, and find it difficult to concentrate. Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day. http://gailsbread.co.uk/

Lindsay, Breakfast Manager, Hoi Polloi (at Ace Hotel, London).

Breakfast is the key to my success because... I'm not much use on an empty stomach!

My favourite breakfast is... spice, grapefruit, greens and Marmite, in any order. And all the liquids.

When I don’t have breakfast I feel... Lost! http://hoi-polloi.co.uk/

Robin Knowles, Managing Director at Knowles (basement specialists)

Breakfast is the key to my success because... A good breakfast sets me up for the day ahead! I try to eat a good breakfast as during a busy working day it can be hard to eat a nutritious lunch between meetings. Breakfast is a must in order for me to stay energised and alert, a breakfast high in protein is vital.

My favourite breakfast is… salmon, spinach and poached eggs. I love avocados or fresh tomatoes too.

When I don’t have breakfast I feel… I never go without breakfast! I'm always starving in the mornings!! http://www.knowles.uk.com/

Executive Chef of Dishoom, Naved Nasir.

Breakfast is the key to my success because... it means I can concentrate first thing in the morning. Chefs start early and I want to be on top form for my team. I'm also on my feet all day so having breakfast helps make sure I'm properly fuelled up.

My favourite breakfast is... Keema Per Eedu – it’s a seriously meaty ‘power’ breakfast with spicy chicken keema and chicken livers… it’s too good, and definitely keeps me going all day.

When I don’t have breakfast I feel... hungry! And definitely not at my best. I can get pretty grumpy too so always make sure I have something to eat before getting into the kitchen. http://www.dishoom.com/

Ally Yates, consultant, facilitator, coach, author of #UtterConfidence.

Breakfast is the key to my success because... eating breakfast helps me to shine all day.

My favourite breakfast is… berries, granola and greek yogurt with coffee.

When I don’t have breakfast I feel… tired (and hungry…and sometimes grouchy!). http://www.allyyates.com/

Vicky Hotchkiss, Magic Breakfast's new Fundraising Officer.

Breakfast is the key to my success because... I can’t concentrate when I am hungry and I become very grumpy! Breakfast gives me time to wake up and lets me start my day with my partner, chatting about our plans for the day.

My favourite breakfast is… It’s so hard to choose, but maybe a nice slice of toast with local honeycomb… or on real treat days, a veggie fry up!!

When I don’t have breakfast I feel… hungry, grumpy and all I can think about is lunch!

Vicky Karoulia, Magic Breakfast's Fundraising Manager.

Breakfast is the key to my success because... it gives me the energy I need to deal with everything within the day.

My favourite breakfast is... poached eggs on toast with avocado and feta.

When I don't have breakfast I feel... weak and irritable!

Natalia Ribbe-Szrok, Magic Breakfast's Restaurant Fundraiser.

Breakfast is the key to my success because… it helps me get my head in the game for a big day of work. 

My favourite breakfast is… porridge or granola.

When I don’t have breakfast I feel… moody, tired and I can’t concentrate on what I am doing.

We know that we would not be where we are (providing nutritious breakfasts to over 31,000 children each school day) without your continued support and we hope you can help us with our #MagicSATS campaign at this time. Thank you.