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Sponsor a Breakfast Club

Magic Breakfast works with a growing number of companies who sponsor a school breakfast club.

A sponsorship of £2,000 will not only support a whole club for a year but also provide employees with the opportunity to build a relationship with a school and get involved in the local community. Volunteers can help at a breakfast club, become involved in coaching and mentoring projects and help to raise pupil aspirations through special events such as inviting breakfast club children to work enterprise visits.

We can also advise on CSR strategy and employee development – a simple way to integrate practical work with our schools into your business strategy.

Sponsoring a breakfast club reaps many rewards for children, employees, schools and businesses. Get in touch with us to find out how your company could make a difference to a school breakfast club and the benefits it will bring to your organisation and its employees.




Partnership Scheme

Magic Breakfast and schools have formed this partnership from a shared commitment to ending the negative impact of child poverty upon well being and readiness for learning in our primary schools.

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