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The Difference We Make
The Difference We Make

Magic Breakfast’s support to schools offers a valuable lifeline to local communities.

Feedback we get from the schools has been incredibly positive – attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attainment all improve when children attend a Magic Breakfast club.

"Dear All

Just to say a big thank you to you all for your continued support of our breakfast club. With all the cuts in this year’s budget and with our parents also being worse off with rises to inflation, cost of food increases and loss of benefits we need your support as much as ever. The kids really appreciate the variety of things available to them at breakfast club and the bagels go down well with the rest of the school.

Please thank your donors from us all here at Winton.” – Winton Primary School, Islington

Magic Breakfast's main objective is to ensure no child misses out on a nutritious start to the day, however, a breakfast club is more than just a provider of food - it’s a safe and happy environment. It’s a place where a child can talk to their friends and staff and prepare for the day ahead.

Described as a ‘pressure valve’, many teachers use the breakfast club as an opportunity to talk to the pupils, where potential issues can be solved before they become real problems. Just by having a few minutes to talk to a child over a bagel additional support is available to the children who need it most.

“We are currently giving breakfast to forty children every morning, of these, 90% are on free school meals. Once again can I say how much we appreciate your support, the children, in particular our year 5 and 6 children, are always starving when they get to school and the first question every morning when they come into school and see me is ‘What’s for breakfast today?’

The children love the bagels, many of them had never tried them before, but porridge remains their firm favourite! Likewise they love the orange juice and are keen to experiment with the other juices we are now receiving. I know in this day and age and in a country like ours it is hard for many to imagine but most of these children would not have tried fruit juice or bagels ever in their lives.

The children are now learning to try other foods which previously they would never have entertained. Our children all eat in a classroom with staff and this is a good time for discussing what everyone has been doing and what’s happening in each other’s life.

What I am trying to say is that you have give us much more than food and drink, you have enabled us to expand the children’s social skills, open their minds to new experiences and build self confidence which is lacking in so many of our children.” – Kingston Centre PRU, Wolverhampton


Partnership Scheme

Magic Breakfast and schools have formed this partnership from a shared commitment to ending the negative impact of child poverty upon well being and readiness for learning in our primary schools.

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