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At the heart of Magic Breakfast is the welfare of the child.

1.6 million children live in severe poverty in the UK – deprivation that means a missed meal a day, lack of basic clothing and a constant sense of lack (Save the Children 2011). Many children are at risk of missing out on their education due to circumstances outside of their control.

This is neither fair nor acceptable.

Magic Breakfast is proud to make a difference in the lives of these children, to say that future success is not closed to them simply because they are too hungry to learn.

Below are examples where Magic Breakfast has made a difference to an individual child.

Randal Cremer Primary School, Hackney

"One boy’s behaviour was so bad we were about to exclude him. Before I did, I thought, let’s just try asking him to breakfast club. It was magic – he settled. He was just hungry. So simple." – Randal Cremer Primary School, Hackney

St. John's CE, Birmingham

"Ryan was a SEN child who was often late for school (15% of the time). We decided to offer him a free place at breakfast club in January this year.  In the 2 and a half months since, he’s only been late once. His academic performance has taken off too after years of being below a level 3 and receiving special support. He’s now on a level 4c in maths and a borderline level 5 in reading." – St. John's CE, Birmingham

St. Stephen’s, Lambeth

"Three children in the same family are looked after by their non-genetic grandmother. They had parents who were addicts, and had witnessed domestic violence and neglect.

The children were offered free breakfast club to help relieve the pressure from the grandmother, who is also a full time carer of her elderly mother and disabled adult son.

Since attending the breakfast club all three children have grown in confidence and are more integrated in class. The youngest of the three (5yrs) is less withdrawn and has built up a good relationship with Breakfast club staff. She has shared some of the past with them, and is now much more confident and has become an active member of the class, bouncing into the line every morning.” – St. Stephen’s, Lambeth

Woolmore Primary School, Tower Hamlets

"We had one girl who was not eating properly at home. Her mum had problems with depression, amongst other things. It got so bad that one day the girl came to school and fainted in the classroom, so we decided to offer her a free place at breakfast club. Since then she’s attended almost every day and is much more alert during her lessons." – Woolmore Primary School, Tower Hamlets

Hermitage Primary, Tower Hamlets

"One child first came to breakfast club a bit withdrawn but also disruptive.  His parents are not together and mornings used to be very bad for him. However, he gets very excited about having bagels in breakfast club so he comes in with a smile.  As he has a full stomach when he gets to class, the class teacher has mentioned that he is not throwing tantrums first thing in the morning now." - Hermitage Primary, Tower Hamlets


Partnership Scheme

Magic Breakfast and schools have formed this partnership from a shared commitment to ending the negative impact of child poverty upon well being and readiness for learning in our primary schools.

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