Show My Homework Magic Breakfast Run

Hannah-Mae Tyson

A small group of us from Show My Homework will be running the Hackney Half Marathon on the 8th of May to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

Evo 10 green team

Lisa- Abraham

We believe every child deserves the right to a healthy breakfast


Lindsey Botterman

I'll be running the Hackney Half Marathan next week, because, what child doesn't deserve a little magic in the mornings.. Remember poptarts and lucky charms? Yummy Yummy Yummy NOW OPEN YOUR PURSE!

Benjamin - Aged 7 (with a very proud Mummy)

Hollie Burton

"My name is Benjamin and I want to let children have breakfast at school so I want to raise lots of money to help"

Tara's Half Marathon!

Tara Rudd

On 8th May, I'll be Running the Hackney Vitality Half Marathon to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

John Whittaker's Brighton Marathon Fundraising Page

John Whittaker

I am running Brighton Marathon on the 17th April. I will be running for the charity called Magic Breakfast who do a wonderful job providing breakfast to children who would otherwise be too hungry to learn.